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  • Code : 979575
  • Brand : PELIKAN
  • Collection : Souveran 600-605 Collection
  • Mechanism : Fountain Pen


In the year 1929 Pelikan was the first company in the world to introduce the differentiated piston mechanism. This technique causes the spindle inside the fountain pen to turn quicker than the end piece of the barrel, with the help of two different threads. To this date, this fountain pen exists in many different variations, and though it has been developed in design and technical details over time, the basic mechanism remains the same.Next the characteristic double clips at the back of the barrel and on the cap are integrated into the material with highest precision in order to obtain a virtually seamless transition between the materials. Than the writing instrument is polished to a high sheen before, as a last step, the slightly springy clip with its famous, stylized Pelikan is mounted.

About Souveran fountain pen M 600

The legendary black. Timeless beauty and high valuable. Refinements have been added wherever technical progress allowed it. In any other respect, it largely remained the original as in the past.

~High quality material, meticulously crafted: Precision to 100ths of a millimetre.

~Diamond-ground surface.

~Classic plunger mechanism

~Large hand-crafted, finely engraved 14 carat gold nib with rhodium decoration.

~Gold-plated Pelikan clip.

~Solid brass components in the mechanism.

~Small decorative ring in the front section.

~Length is 15.3cm( The indicated length refer to writing instrument with closed cap)

~ Weight is 17.6 gms

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