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  • Code : MOL200#68
  • Brand : PLATINUM
  • Collection : Platinum OLEeNU Pencils
  • Mechanism : Mechanical Pencil


New type of Mechanical pencil that protects the lead from the shock of falling or pressure of the writing. "OLEeNU" mean that the lead is not broken easily when you drop off the pencil or take writing.

In the conventional mechanical pencil, the part of top point and the part which send the lead is separated. Therefore the lead is broken by the shock of falling. PLATINUM OLEeNU have additional parts, which can hold the lead tightly and strong in a shock.

~Barrel/Knock is made of re-cycled ABS, Clip is ABS, Taper is PMMA and Gripper is made of synthetic rubber

~Mechanical pencil of 0.5mm lead, to be fitted with OLEeNU lead, MQ-200HB

~Weight of the pencil is 9.7gms, maximum diameter is 12mm and full length is 139.5mm

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